About Us

Sexual and reproductive health is important to us all, at all stages of our lives. Yet far too many people are denied the right to sex and reproduction health services. However, to our dismay, millions more lack access to good sex and reproduction information and services. The vast majority are poor uneducated women and young mothers in developing and under developing countries.


As a result of this, millions of women are living with gynecological cases like vesicovaginal fistula and fibroid etc. To say the least, these cases has led to death, broken homes, and STDs that could have been prevented earlier. Every minute a woman dies from pregnancy complications and childbirth. Moreover, about 80 million women have unintended and unwanted pregnancies each year. This leads to unsafe abortions that cause fatal damages and in some instances, death. Women specially need more choice and control over their sexual and reproductive lives.


Our Target: is by 2050 pregnancy and post-pregnancy complications reduce to 30%; most especially in Northeastern states where the problem is currently highly deteriorating. However, we want 75% availability of education on sex and reproduction across those areas.

The Founder

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Hajiya Rukaiya Abubakar Kushu

The Abubakar Kushu Foundation was found by the intention of one lady, Hajiya Rukaiya Abubakar Kushu who had passed through the same situation.

It all started in 2008 during her first pregnancy. Within the first few months, she started noticing blood coming out her body. When she consulted the doctor, she was told to have had a threatened abortion. She was put on a weekly hormonal injections. 35 weeks after this incident she went for Antenatal Checkup where she was told that she had Liquor Drainage, so she had to deliver through Caesarean Section. These events confirmed the first gynecology case. On the same note in 2011, after the first CS she opted in for Implanon family planning.

After 2 years she got pregnant for the second time, hoping to deliver by herself. But to her dismay after 1 month she had the same complications. When she went for checkup, she was told she had BP which was caused by another Liquor Drainage. She delivered via CS for the second time. After the delivery, she developed a lot of complications like spine pain, migraine and ulcer. She had to see an orthopedist who recommended an MRI scan and took a lot of finance. Yet she did not feel better and decided to head to UAE. This time around she had Endoscopy which they found out that she had an abdominal mass.  Subsequently, in 2017 six years after her second child, she attempted third pregnancy. But like the previous ones, the pregnancy was marred with the same pregnancy complications of adhesion, liquor drainage etc. So she delivered via CS for the third time. After this pregnancy she had low calcium deficiency, BP; trauma and kidney issues among others. These fateful pitiful incidences made her resign, and optioned for tubal ligation.


After escaping this catastrophe that nearly cost her life, she found it gruesome for any mother-child to undergo the same. This concern quickly turned to passion that came to reality. Hajiya Rukaiya Abubakar Kushu is happily married and blessed with 3 children.


To provide access to good and appropriate health care facilities and solutions that will enable the patients to rise above such diseases, to promote a healthy pregnancy.


To link the patients to appropriate healthcare facilities against pro-pregnancy and Post-pregnancy complications.


Our Team

Hajiya Rukaiya Abubakar Kushu

Chukwuebuka Nwankwo
Human Resource

Dr. Waziri Saleh
Head of Gynea clinic specialist Hospital, Bauchi
Dr. Yahya Mohd Elsaid
Consultant Gynecologist & Obstetric
Abubakar Siddiq Ango
Technical Adviser
Shuaibu Bala